Kollecting Koordinates - chicken karaage recipe

Recipe: Chicken Karaage – Japanese Deep Fried Chicken

We don't eat out very often (gotta save up for travel!) but when we do, we always head to our favourite izakaya for their Japanese fried chicken. As good as it is, $8.40 for 5 pieces is just craaaazy. I figured I'd try this chicken karaage recipe at home- I ...
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Cycling in Taiwan - The Annual Taiwan Cycling Festival

Cycling in Taiwan – The Annual Taiwan Cycling Festival

Disclaimer: This post about cycling in Taiwan is sponsored by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. The annual Taiwan Cycling Festival is upon us again! Have you visited my homeland- Taiwan? Over the last 3 decades, cycling has risen to be one of the most popular recreational sports in this little but ...
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Dachstein Krippenstein in Salzkammergut - Day trip from Salzburg

Dachstein Krippenstein in Salzkammergut – Day trip from Salzburg

Everyone flocks to Hallstatt as a day trip from Salzburg, but few visit the other UNESCO World Heritage Site that's close by: Dachstein Krippenstein! Packed with history, natural wonders, and spectacular views, it is the perfect destination in the Austrian Alps. About Dachstein Krippenstein in Salzkammergut Salzkammergut is a region ...
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Kollecting Koordinates - Komodo liveaboard

Komodo Liveaboard – A Bucketlist Experience

We recently received our advanced diving certification on a Komodo liveaboard with Uber Scuba Komodo. I went from having nightmares about scuba diving to loving it. We fell in love with the underwater world while completing our Open Water Course in Bali last year. Our goal is to dive the Darwin ...
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Kollecting Koordinates - Munduk Moding Plantation

Heaven on Earth – Munduk Moding Plantation

You've probably seen Munduk Moding Plantation's award-winning infinity pool many times on social media, but there's more to this resort than just its pool. Three days at MMP was the perfect end to our Bali adventures- except we wish we allocated more time here because there's still so much we ...
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Where to stay in Ubud - Chapung Se Bali + Jungle Fish

Luxury meets nature in Ubud – Chapung Se Bali + Jungle Fish

With so many resorts to choose from, "where to stay in Ubud?" can be a tough question to answer... until you feast your eyes on Chapung Se Bali, that is! It's one of those resorts where once you're there, you won't want (and don't need) to leave. You may have already ...
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Kollecting Koordinates - where to stay in Nusa

Perfect base to explore Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan

Just a short ferry ride from Sanur are the Nusa Islands. We missed out on this part of Bali last year so we were eager to cross it off our list this time! Deciding on where to stay in Nusa Lembongan and Penida was easy- a quick search using any hotel ...
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Kollecting Koordinate s- unlimited data in Europe 1

Stay connected with unlimited data in Europe

Regardless of how expensive data plans are in Canada we can't not have them, even if it means a measly 4GB a month.  Don't even get me started on roaming charges! We usually bum WiFi off restaurants and hotel lobbies when we're traveling but Mickey D's and Starbucks aren't always ...
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