Embracing the Wild Life with 8 things to do on Bowen Island + GIVEAWAY

This post is sponsored by Sakroots to promote the launch of the new Wild Life print by Niki Pilkington.

Call us biased but we’re proud to say we live in the most beautiful province in Canada, where Mother Nature has graced us with the most comfy climate and stunning scenery! This year, we’ve set a goal to embrace the wild life in British Columbia by exploring as many islands as we can. We started with a weekend getaway on a small island just 20 minutes from Vancouver by ferry: Bowen Island.

8 Things to do on Bowen Island

1. Enjoy the scenic ferry ride

Hop on the Queen of Capilano run by BC Ferries! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove. Crossing time is only 20 minutes and passengers don’t need tickets for the return ferry.

Kollecting Koordinates - Things to do on Bowen Island

2. Go kayaking

The kayak season runs from April to mid October. You can check out an abundance of wildlife while you paddle from beach to beach. Keep your eyes peeled for orcas, dolphins, seals, and bald eagles. We didn’t get a chance to do this as the sea was too choppy; the conditions were so bad that other ferry routes were canceled! We’ll be back again in the summer to explore the gulf by kayak.

3. Chill out at Snug Cove

Take a stroll along the picturesque marina with buildings from the early 1900’s. Snug Cove was once a summer resort where Vancouverites spent holiday time, and housed the largest dance hall in BC.

Kollecting Koordinates - Things to do on Bowen Island

4. Visit Artisan Square

Artisan Square is a quaint cultural hub where you can find a collection of shops, restaurants, and galleries. It’s a 20-minute uphill walk from Snug Cove- or you can catch a 5-minute ride with one of the friendly locals by hitchhiking. Don’t miss organic chocolatey treats at Cocoa West Chocolatier!

Kollecting Koordinates - Things to do on Bowen IslandKollecting Koordinates - Things to do on Bowen Island

5. Feast your heart out

With a population of just over 3,500, we were surprised to find the wide variety and high quality of dining options on Bowen Island. Sample Spanish tapas over vino at Barcelona, pig out on wood-fired pizzas at Tuscany, or indulge in French bistro fare at Artisan Square (legit French pastries baked onsite!). You can also find hearty pub food or sip on award-winning coffee. Eating clean is easy peasy on Bowen where many bistros use organic and garden-fresh ingredients.

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6. Zip around on a scooter

Scooter season runs from mi-April to mid-October. Weather permitting, this is by far the best way to explore the island!  Bowen Island is so small that it only takes 30 minutes to get from one end of the island to the other. Why not do it in style in a retro Yamaha Vino?

7. Attend a yoga retreat

Practicing in this geodesic dome at Nectar Yoga B&B is one of the best things to do on Bowen Island. Yoga enthusiasts from all over the world travel here to attend events and workshops immersed in nature. Namaste doesn’t get any better than this!

Kollecting Koordinates - Nectar Yoga BnB

8. Go hiking

With over 10 walks and hikes to choose from, Bowen Island offers trails for every kind of hiker. Stroll with ease around Killarney Lake or challenge yourself by summiting Mount Gardner, where you will be rewarded with views of Howe Sound and the Coast Mountains.

Kollecting Koordinates - Things to do on Bowen Island


I’ve partnered up with Sakroots to promote the launch of the ‘Wild Life’ print by illustrator Niki Pilkington. The winner will receive any Wild Life item of their choice.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Sakroots. Special thanks to BC Ferries for providing us with complimentary fares to Bowen Island.

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Kollecting Koordinates - Things to do on Bowen Island

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30 thoughts on “Embracing the Wild Life with 8 things to do on Bowen Island + GIVEAWAY

  1. What a lovely place Bowen Island is! The closest I ever got was Vancouver. As a keen hiker, this is certainly somewhere that looks such a beautiful location to explore and enjoy. Lovely photos.

  2. Wow! I absolutely loved this post! First off, the backpack print is so cute! Secondly, this area definitely looks like my kind of area and I am hoping to visit Canada soon so I will definitely be bookmarking this. I can’t believe how tall the trees are and the place you stayed looks amazing! I’ve been following you on Instagram for awhile now so it was fun to find your blog! Great post!

  3. Love this list!! Adding this to my Canada checklist. That yoga retreat is AMAZING. Hiking is definitely something I’m keen to do and absolutely love but never thought of having yoga in the forest, what a sublime experience that’ll be!

  4. As a Canadian, I definitely agree that BC has some of the most stunning scenery in all of Canada. I have not had the pleasure of exploring the province extensively- need to correct this soon. And to be honest, until your post, I hadn’t heard of Bowen Island. What a beautiful place and so easy to get to! I can’t wait to explore it some day.

  5. Bowen Island looks amazing!! The food looks so mouthwatering. That pizza especially!! I’m not a fan of yoga but the Nectar Yoga B&B really looks like a great place to stay!

  6. What A beautiful place! Snug Cove looks like the perfect place to explore. I’ve been to BC many times but never even heard of this. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I am an outdoor person and I totally loved the idea of hiking and kayaking. I have an exciting trek coming up in Nepal. I can’t wait for it. Being an Indian, Yoga Retreat also attracts me. It is high time I learn some Yoga postures.

  8. What a beautiful place is this Bowen Island. Its really good for the people who wants adventure and some sort of peace together. View in first image looks so calm and peaceful.

  9. It’s absolutely charming! I grew up on a mountain and just love being in the woods. This looks like a great weekend away for someone like me. And 20 minutes is nothing! The closest town when I was growing up was 25 minutes away by car. This seems to be a great place to just chill and relax. I need a little bit of that. Only if Canada was closer!!

  10. I’d certainly enjoy the 20 minute ferry ride over to Bowen Island. It is surprising that a town of just 3500 has such good food options, often it’s a small cafe in these places. The organic chocolate cafe would be the one that interested me! You took some fabulous photos, those trees look so tall!

  11. These are all awesome things to do in Bowen island! The Nectar Yoga B&B is my dream destination right now. I have read about this place before. I like their interior designs and food. I am curious about the organic chocolate. The pizza looks really delicious. Your backpack looks cute too. Unfortunately, I could no longer join the contest.

  12. I’m Canadian and I’ve never heard of Bowen Island! What a cute little stop just outside of Vancouver! I’ve been meaning to visit my family on the West Coast, and I may just have to make a little pitstop! (Also that yoga retreat looks absolutely amazing!) Great post!

  13. I feel so lucky to live on the west of British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Always enjoy traveling to the Gulf Islands! There’s so much to see and do, especially for the outdoor enthusiast. Thanks for sharing things to do and the great pictures of Bowen Island. 🙂

  14. Looks like such a nice and peaceful place! Ive always wanted to visit British Columbia as it looks so beautiful! You’re so lucky you live is such a wonderful country!

  15. Bowen Island can’t be real – it’s just too majestic and dreamy. That snug cove is a fitting name. It looks so cozy and laid back! The Artisan Square is something I would love to check out though! It seems like a great spot to look for souvenir items.

  16. Bowen Island sounds like such a fun place. I remember when I was 12 I went out to Victoria Island and had a little adventure. I think Bowen Island sounds a like it is a great option with plenty of good food and activities.

  17. Bowen looks like a lovely place for an adventure. The landscape looks stunning and plenty of activities to keep you occupied. Definitely looks like an awesome place to enjoy the outdoors.

  18. I didn’t know about Bowen Island before, but it looks beautiful! The hiking opportunities there sound amazing. I love the mystical feel of the Pacific Northwest forests. Would also love to do this yoga retreat!

  19. Bowen Island looks like an amazing place to visit; I definitely need to add it to my itinerary the next time I head to BC (I live i Ontario, and I’d still agree that BC is the most breathtaking!)

  20. I’m envious! You Vancouverites have so many places nearby for a quick getaway! Bowen island is so scenic and looks like the perfect place to unwind, relax and connect with nature!

  21. Ivy, Bowen Island seems to be the perfect place for a weekend or a short vacation. I love those super-tall trees. However the Dome seems out of place but then probably there is nothing one can do about it.

  22. Bowen island looks like a wonderful place to explore! I love the dome yoga retreat you went on as well! Looks like a great place to go hiking and explore the outdoors!

  23. What a cute backpack from Sakroots! Also, I’ve always wanted to visit Canada, specifically your area, to explore more of nature. The picturesque scenery is gorgeous!

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