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Kollecting Koordinates - Kyoto

KO is my last name. Short and sweet!

I’m just an ordinary girl who wants to see the world without giving up her 9-5 grind. This blog first started as a testing ground for my web design program. Designing and building my own template then led to me documenting my love for traveling!

I envy those who are brave enough to quit their jobs and drop everything to travel full-time. Me, I’m not so brave. I have a huge list of destinations and activities that I’ve bucketlisted, but I need the stability, comfort, and security in my life that come with a mortgage and pension. So with limited vacation days and funds, I budget and plan down to the last detail to condense our adventures.

I hope by highlighting our experiences, we can help others who are in the same boat. You, too, can also experience the world while working full-time!

Some quick facts:

  • I was born in Taiwan and lived there until I was 9
  • Vancouver is home, but home is really where ever my family and dog-child are
  • I love baking, cooking, and DIY projects!
  • When I’m not traveling or making something, I’m video-gaming
  • PADI certified as of April 2016!

Our top 5 favourite travel memories:

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Join me as I collect feel-good moments one coordinate at a time!