Kollecting Koordinates - Miyajima Ryokan

Join us as we collect feel-good moments one coordinate at a time!

About Us

KO is my last name. Short and sweet! Born in Taiwan, I’m a Vancouver based travel and food content creator. There’s nothing I enjoy more than traveling and pigging out.

Together with my hubfriend, AS, we’re on a mission to see and eat the world without giving our 9-5. Thanks to great work benefits, a mortgage in one of the best (and most expensive) cities in the world, and a dogchild, we want our cake and eat it too!

Kollecting Koordinates

This is where we share curated destination guides on how to maximize your time while traveling, as well as homemade recipes so you can eat healthier and save up for travel.

With limited vacation days and funds, we budget and plan down to the last detail to condense our adventures. We hope to inspire others who are in the same boat by highlighting our experiences. You, too, can experience the world while working full-time!

Our top 5 favourite travel memories