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Regardless of how expensive data plans are in Canada we can’t not have them, even if it means a measly 4GB a month.  Don’t even get me started on roaming charges! We usually bum WiFi off restaurants and hotel lobbies when we’re traveling but Mickey D’s and Starbucks aren’t always around. When we found out we could have unlimited data in Europe we were alllll over it.

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HIPPOCKETWIFI delivered the pocket-sized device to our hotel in London. It came in a cute pouch along with an emergency SIM card, charging cable, instructions card, and prepaid return envelope. We loved our Hippo so much we even sang a jingle whenever we pulled it out! It saved our butts so many times that we owe our flawless trip to this little guy:

  • Staying in touch with our families 24/7
  • Never getting lost with Google Maps while on our road trip
  • Making dinner reservations at hard-to-book restaurants
  • Booking ferry and train tickets on the go (barely made it back to Salzburg from Halltstatt)
  • Posting on social media to stay in the loop
  • Checking operating hours for attractions and restaurants
  • Emailing and calling brands for travel arrangements
  • Sending our #1 biggest fan (Mama Ko!) daily photos and videos so she can live vicariously through them
  • Checking bus, train, and ferry schedules
  • And the most important of all… researching the best spots for food!
Kollecting Koordinates - unlimited data in Europe 3

almost got stranded in Hallstatt.. barely made the last ferry/train back to Salzburg

Kollecting Koordinates - unlimited data in Europe 3

one of many yummy dessert cafes/restaurants we researched thanks to Hippo

Kollecting Koordinates - unlimited data in Europe 3

not once did we get lost on our Montenegro road trip!

Unlimited data in Europe with HIPPOCKETWIFI

What’s included in the plan?

You’ll get unlimited high-speed 4G LTE network in Europe, express delivery, prepaid return envelope from an European country, 24/7 support, and no hidden fees. Up to 10 devices can be connected simultaneously.

Note: Hippo works in 40 European countries; see this page for the complete list.

How do I rent one?

Place an online order before you go. You can have your pocket WiFi mailed to your first stop in Europe or delivered to your home (if you live in the US or Canada). Alternatively, you can pick it up from over 25,000 stores and post offices in Europe.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at 11.90€/day for 3-5 days, 10.90€/day for 6-9 days, 9.90€/day for 10-13 days, and 8.90€/day for 14+ days. Refer to this page for current pricing.

What’s the battery life?

When it’s fully charged the batter will last 6 hours of usage. It automatically turns off when it’s not in use to conserve battery.

Tip: We had it plugged in our solar backpack at all times which means we never had to worry about it running out!

More tips & info

  • If you don’t need unlimited data you can opt for 1GB/day plans
  • Rentals are available from 3-360 days
  • For more information and current promotions, visit their official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages

Disclaimer: Many thanks to HIPPOCKETWIFI for providing us with a complimentary unlimited data in Europe and for making our trip flawless! All experiences and opinions are honest and our own. We wouldn’t recommend something if we didn’t love it ourselves!

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  1. September 3, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    This is AMAZING and I wish I’d known about it last month! We opted to just use the wifi where available in Europe, and basically got lost every time we tried to find a new airbnb haha. Definitely keeping this in mind for next time!

    • October 3, 2017 / 7:42 pm

      It’s life-changing not having to screenshot Google Maps every time, haha!

  2. November 4, 2017 / 11:22 pm

    If you can’t not have them makes them a can can or a doeable do. Something like that. We tried to go with hotel data only in Thailand and it was really tough. There were a lot of times that we just wanted to double check things, or find alternatives and, without data, we couldn’t do that. We kept popping into coffee shops to and searching wi-fi. It would have been so much easier to have a data plan in country.

    • November 5, 2017 / 4:52 pm

      We need something like this that works worldwide!

  3. November 5, 2017 / 3:43 am

    This is such an amazing idea! I know that many travelers can find it intimadating to buy a sim card in a new place, or it just doesn’t make sense for a shorter trip. This sounds like the perfect alternative and so reliable!

    • November 5, 2017 / 4:51 pm

      It’s lifechanging!! I don’t think I can travel around in Europe without one ever again 😛

  4. November 5, 2017 / 8:59 pm

    Wow! This is fantastic! It’s horrible to be such a slave to our devices, but the sad fact is that we are, so any help in navigating data while travelling is invaluable. Thanks!

  5. November 9, 2017 / 1:18 pm

    Yes, we used this when we were in Paris and Barcelona! So convenient, isn’t it? We also couldn’t travel without WiFi and finding an affordable, reliable connection is probably the hardest thing when traveling.

  6. November 11, 2017 / 2:36 pm

    I can’t live without data whenever I travel too! Usually I’ll get a local SIM Card, but will check out HIPPOCKETWIFI just to try a different experience.

    • November 28, 2017 / 7:15 pm

      It’s awesome for Europe travels because it works across multiple countries!

  7. November 12, 2017 / 4:03 pm

    This is a great alternative. I own my phone so I usually just pop in a local sim card with data on it, but I know that not everyone can do that!

  8. November 13, 2017 / 2:39 pm

    So hippos are my favorite animal and I’ve been wanting to use this product ever since I found out about it haha. I’m definitely going to check it out the next time I’m in Europe!

    • November 28, 2017 / 7:29 pm

      LOL that’s a good reason to use them

  9. November 20, 2017 / 12:56 am

    I had a pocket wifi with me in Iceland and it was a lifesaver! Thankfully I only do short trips so I can afford data for 2-3 days but if I was going for longer anywhere this would be the first thing I get.

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