Taking it easy in Venice

Venice- Venezia! The last leg of our 2013 Eurotrip.


The night before in Paris was hell. On the way home from dinner, my stomach started churning in pain and I thought I was going to pass out on our metro ride back to our Airbnb. Thinking it was just a stomach ache, I sat on the toilet for a little bit and went to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat with an intense pain that wouldn’t go away. Projectile vomit and intense diarrhea took over the rest of that sleepless night.


Where to Stay

I thought Paris was expensive enough… I was wrong! Decent hotels in Venice start at 3-4 bills a night- holy smokes! We stayed in a private room with canal view at a hostel for around $90CAD a night. Airbnb listings start at around $150- still better than dishing out 400 bucks!

Venice itself is pretty small so it doesn’t really matter where you stay. If you want to be closer to the center of the action, though, pick a place near Rialto Bridge. There are plenty of shops and restaurants in that area.


Getting Around

ACTV is the way to go. It’s the Venetians’ alternative to busses, but on water! These water busses take you up and down stops along the Grand Canal. Their most up-to-date prices, timetables, and routes can be found here. You can purchase single tickets or tourist passes, depending on how often you’ll be using the service.

We bought single-use passes because we traveled on foot for the most part. We had nothing planned other than to explore the many alleys and canals. We signed up for the Venice Wi-Fi Network  so we have data, in case we get really lost. Even if you don’t have data or a map, there are signs for famous landmarks everywhere.


What to Do

Get lost in the city on water! Exhausted from Amsterdam, Rome, and Paris, we were glad to just take it easy and wander aimlessly. Venice was full of life in itself; we didn’t need plans to enjoy ourselves. Its canals, its laid-back vibe, its cobblestone streets- everything about it made us fall in love with this floating city. Including this… Italian version of Pokemon? And look at all those Ferrero products!


We bussed down the Grand Canal and got off near the Rialto Bridge.


Eventually we found our way to Piazza San Marco. It was packed with people! (Easter break, of course it was)


We went past the square and hopped on a vaporetto towards Murano, an island in the Venetian Lagoon famous for glass-making.


If you can afford 80€ a pop for 20min, these gondola rides may be for you. No way in hell were we paying that!


What to Eat

La maison de la crepe

We stumbled upon this little hole in the wall creperie when I was craving pastries. The owner really goes all out on toppings, and it was so good the first time that we made it a mission to revisit the next day. We had a general idea of where the shop was but without a map, it was nearly impossible to find again. We didn’t give up, though. After more than 30min of walking back and forth and making infinite loops, we finally found it! Getting Nutella banana crepes from this place was definitely one of our favourite moments.


Al Timon

We went over to Al Timon in the Jewish quarter for dinner on our last evening. A vast selection of cicchetti and prosecco are available all at a reasonable price. We grabbed a couple of cicchettis and ordered a steak- they were all really yummy! We were also relieved that it wasn’t pasta or pizza again.





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  1. January 20, 2017 / 2:33 pm

    I just got inspired to visit Europe last night and Italy was one of the places I was looking at! Venice looks so nice, I love the pictures!

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